Saturday, December 27, 2008

Here's my handlaid granite and marble floor. It took me 3 weeks to do it. Boy was I tired, never again. I thought I would slowly do the whole house, but nope, one room is enough. I am really happy with it. One room totally finished, well my share of the work, hubby needs to put up crown moldings. Can you see my dirty socks, they are full of grout, but I was so excited to finish, I just had to get a pic.

Say hello to the famous Topoke. He loves to chase our two little dogs, they run into their cage, shut the door, hold it shut, and bark for me. I think he just wants to play, evidently they think they would be his lunch. He lives in my favorite bathroom. Needless to say, I don't use that room anymore. I awoke to a knock on the door, and a little voice saying, "My Maw Maw says you have a big lizard inyour bathroom." It was our little great nephew, so he came in, visited with Topoke, gave him water, talked to him, he was very excited with his new friend. The hamper he is on is about 18" x 18".

I found this vintage doll amoir at Carehelp. Hubby bought it for my Christmas present. I have wanted one for years. Maybe one day I will dress this poor little doll. A friend gave me the doll because the head kept falling off. Hey, around this house, that didn't seem strange, however, wonderful hubby fixed it. Hasn't fallen off again.

Tiff's honey, Scott. Tiff was so busy showing me how to use my new camera hubby gave me, we forgot to get a pic of her.

I love this Christmas quilt. I made it from a sampler class I took from Gail McInnis. I actually hand quilted it.
I have been really busy with the wedding, Smiles Project, and fixing the house, laying floors, Christmas gifts, but I am really ready to get back to quilting. Have made a list of things I want to make this year. I may need to quit sleeping.

Dani and Ryan having a quiet moment. Look at Ryan's new fishing supplies. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve Supper. We had ham, casseroles, gumbo, shrimp scampi, and Dani's favorite,
BURGER PUDDING, I think it is actually Watergate Salad, but as a little tike, she would always ask for burger pudding cause it was green.