Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finally dressed

Didn't she come out darling?? This is my Christmas suprise from Kevin last year. He fished her out of a box of garbage realizing what she was, fixed her, and she has been standing in her cabinet waiting to be beautiful. Her hair curled really pretty. It does look big in the pic. Her suit is made out of old curtains from Sherri. I think it gives it just the right aged look. Doesn't look newer then the doll.

Christmas beauty

They are really showing there beauty. It's the first time I have had one open this big in the house. I love the colors.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Isn't she beautiful? She is fiber optic. I got her from Salvation Army for $2. She makes a wonderful nitelight for our bathroom.

Planting Potatoes

I have never had much luck with these, will try one more year to grow potatoes. These are red potatoes. So if they don't grow large, I can still use them.

Need for color

Well, here's my new colors for my pool patio. Each year, we try to decorate a little more. I happened to find this wonderful reverable fabric. It matched some I already had, so I was able to make this little resin been look like an outdoor sofa. I am pleased with the outcome. Our darn little dog jumps up there to watch in the house, BAD DOG. I love this little planting bench. Yes, that is our Halloween pumpkin. It is still in good shape. The little orange net is special. The girls and I use to catch critters in the ditch with it, tadpoles, crawfish, ahh, those were the simple days.
I got the big wreath from Carehelp for $3. Love that place.

Thanks Sheri

Sheri gave me this basket full of fabric scraps. I use most of them for charity quilts, but the top piece will be used for a little dress for my walking doll.

THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT KINDNESS SHERRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We actually got to meet for the first time in a long time, it was great fun. Sherrie, Liz, Sue, Larry, it was great seeing all of you.

Walking Doll

Kevin rescued this doll for me. A friend of his was throwing it away because the legs kept falling off. Kev fixed it for me, and gave it to me last Christmas. I found this little closet for her at Carehelp. Love that store. Yesterday, I spent curling her hair. Sheeze, I need different rollers, these are horrible to close. I love her little face, it is so pretty. I found this Vintage remake pattern for her. It is from the 50's, she was made in 1964, so I think that is close enough.

Christmas Flower

I planted this the day after Christmas. It is the first time I have had one bloom in the house. Isn't the little Christmas tree doing wonderful? We will plant it outside when it is a little warmer.

A trip to Goodwill.

Here's my baby. I lost all the girls toys in our flood. I am replacing some of them off of ebay as I can find them. I found the wonderful Barbie for $20 off of ebay. The girls doll wasn't this nice. I was so excited, until they both said, We were so scared of that doll. She gave us the willies. Sigh.

This is what she looks like after a day with a curling iron, and a trip to Goodwill. I can't find a pattern for her that I can afford. Her patterns are like $65 on Ebay. Sheeze. So I bought a tolder shirt and blue jeans for her. I eyeballed it really close. I only had to take up the jeans a little. Now she is finished and very pretty. I don't really plan on building her clothes pile until I have a cute granddaughter to help me.

Smiles Project

Here's some of my shipment off to Haiti. Even if you don't embroidery, you can still help. They always need little purses to put the toys in. They are easy to sew. Pop on over to the Smiles Project, and tell me what you think.

Icey cold

Can you see the ice on the blue fountain? I didn't know moving water could freeze, especially here in LA. But it did, can you see my sad, sad, plants?

Birthday girl!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin, Scott, and the birthday girl. Don't they look happy. I love cooking for the group.

Dani looks lovely tonite.

Tiff celebrates her birthday as many times as possible. The cake blob is a cupcake cake. It is the first cake that has ever fallen apart when I tried to take it out. Scott very patiently frosted it for us.

Shy Birthday Girl!!!!!!!!

Yes, she is dancing on the table. She does it every year. Got love her spunk.!!!!!!!!!!!

Our baby is so grown up. Seems like yesterday.
That's her big sis Dani in the diamond sweater. We went to a local steak house. It was sooooo cold. A great time was had by all.