Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A trip to Goodwill.

Here's my baby. I lost all the girls toys in our flood. I am replacing some of them off of ebay as I can find them. I found the wonderful Barbie for $20 off of ebay. The girls doll wasn't this nice. I was so excited, until they both said, We were so scared of that doll. She gave us the willies. Sigh.

This is what she looks like after a day with a curling iron, and a trip to Goodwill. I can't find a pattern for her that I can afford. Her patterns are like $65 on Ebay. Sheeze. So I bought a tolder shirt and blue jeans for her. I eyeballed it really close. I only had to take up the jeans a little. Now she is finished and very pretty. I don't really plan on building her clothes pile until I have a cute granddaughter to help me.

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