Saturday, January 2, 2010


This was my favorite tree ever, the girls made the tag ornaments. We lost almost all our ornaments in the flood, I found a little tiny bag of their artwork while we were moving. Don't know why it was in that closet, but was happy to see it. So this was a very special tree, they put a lot of time in the new handmade ornaments. Yes, I did forget the bow on top of the tree.

The only tree I loved this much, was when I mentioned to the girls, that one year I wanted a doll tree. Well, when I got home that night, they had undecorated our tree, and put every doll they owned in the tree. Some of the dolls were big, so it was actually a little creepy. But it was so sweet.
Better late then never, here's the bow, I will make a bigger one next year, with lots of streamers.

Christmas Tags

Better late then never. These did make a cute Christmas tree. I need to take pics of Dani's.

A new project!!!

Need for color, a green project.

I wanted to make some little out door pillows, but outdoor fabric is so expensive. I bought this wonderful, reversable fabric for $4 a yard. So I decided, just throwing them away when they get worn. And the pillows are ZIPLOCK BAGS AND GROCERY BAGS. How is that for a green project.

I decided to put a table cloth on the table outside, the fabric was given to me, so it was a cheap fabric. It's nice to still have some green plants this time of the year. I am already waiting for spring. I put a big candle on the table, I needed color to help the winter drabs. If you click on the pic, it really shows how pretty it is, for being so cold.

Last finish for 2009

I got these cute little wall hangings from Salvation Army. I paid $5 for the set. wahoo.

This lovely basket of fabric was given to me. It was like Christmas. The woman was having eye problems, so she is giving away her fabric. I was just at the right store at the right time. It was so exciting to go through the fabric.

this little quilt was a friendship swap. we all signed a block. Actually it was 2 swaps, pinwheels, and signature blocks. It was fun to make this one. I did have it quilted, I just needed it finished. Didn't have time to wait.

Look the cute little bank. Kev wants to go on a big hunting trip, so Santa gave him this bank to start saving.
This is on my design board. Its all scrappy. I am having fun with it. The girls are going to come over, and move the blocks around. For not doing a whole lot of quilting, they are really good at getting the colors balanced.
Ahhhh, can you believe, Valentines will be here before we know it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Resting up after Christmas

Ahhhhhhh, so tired. It's a hard life, but someone's got to do it.

I finally found a speaker that fits my MPG player. $4.00 at Walgreens. Gotta love Walgreens. They didn't have my color red, but this works fine.
Couldn't find my backing anywhere. Looked, and looked, cut something that would work, and wala, it had fallen over the back of my cabinet, and was hiding. Don't you hate when that happens. This is the cabinet I had built for my convection oven, and I have been using it for everything else, till the oven comes in. It makes a wonderful work table in my kitchen. I have even sewed on it while doing all the holiday cooking.
Isn't this too cute for words. Patti designed these for The Smiles Project. You fill them with crayons so the kiddo's can tote them around. So easy.