Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lego quilt

I have a system, I am cutting them out and putting them on this tray so I can pick my colors as I go. No, I can't do the grab a piece and sew it in regardless. I also have a lot of beiges from Sheri, and I want to mix them in, but still make a cheery babies quilt. Yeap, it will be a small one. I haven't set a deadline on finishing it. It will be kept for a family baby, so I don't have to hurry.

Does anyone have a favorite place to order batting online? I am trying to order online this year, and not make so many 30 minutes to town to buy $10's worth of supplies. I just hate paying postage, but I will try to get on board with the rest of the online buyers. Kevin loves online buying. I guess I will try. Sooooooooo, where should I buy from.