Monday, March 8, 2010

What's its name

I would love to name this doll a boy/girl name, as I plan on dressing it as either, depending on what baby clothes I am sewing at the time.
So what do you think would be a good neutral name.

Older blankets remembered

I made 3 of these for the girls. They were 1 1/2 inch squares from all the blankets I made that year. They were not strip pieced, I sewed each one. You can't really tell, but the embroidery is Susie Zoo.

Isn't she the sweetest? Kev got the bottom cut for my newborn cradle. She looks so cute all snuggled up it.
This bandana quilt, I won the the hankies at a Linus sew in. It was one of the door prizes. We will use this for picnics if it is ever spring here. I do love how it came out.

This one is for Kevin, it is also all my 2 1/2" scraps, I love sewing these blankets, sigh, I just haven't got to sew them in a long time.

I love this peach quilt, I was making it for a friend, then a dear friend of mine, Katie, gave me some of the fabric set, shortly after I finished this quilt, Katie passed away, so I couldn't part with it. It now hangs in my hallway.

This was a hand appliqae class. I hated the hand work, so finished it off as a machine quilt. I do like the way it came out. It is my spring quilt that hangs up for Easter.