Thursday, May 14, 2009

One small finish

Here's a cute little dollie with her new blanket. She if off to the Smiles Project for the kiddies. this little blanket is the only sewing I have managed all month.

Here's the little $1 dolls from Wal Mart. Aren't they cute with their little sleeping bags from Sewing for Sarah.

Well, Tupac has definelty gotten fat since his first pic on this site. He is trying to get out of his cage to eat some more of my flowers he can see through the window.
My cabinet show in the last post is still sitting there waiting for its top. I had picked out a granite top, but one it got here, I decided I wanted to have a wooden top made for it. The great thing about this little cabinet is that it is on wheels. We can move it around for parties and bigger dinners. I am really happy about that.