Sunday, January 3, 2010

Is it Spring Yet?

This is our atruim during the winter. Is it spring yet????

Isn't this hummingbird feeder wonderful????? Hobby Lobby was having such a wonderful sale yesterday. I always buy a few thing for the house after Christmas. This one is for Kev, he loves to watch birds.

A new project

Pick your favorite yarn. I used LOVE THIS YARN. 670 Cranapple ombre. It goes well with my muted Christmas colors.

I wanted hearts, but couldn't find a big enough punch, so I decided on this one.

Line up Christmas card to where you like the colors. I turn punch upside down, so that I can see.
Put a Christmas sticker on the back. That way if it flips around, it is still pretty.
Punch a little hole in the punchout.
Then I started chain stiching them together using a small crochet hoop. I used 25 stitches inbetween each punch out.
I saw on a blog where one crafty person, took her card, cut them into a circle, and made each one into an ornament. I just thought it would look cute as gardland. I am planning on getting one of those tall, skinny trees. I couldn't find one of them on sale yesterday. But hopefully I will find one on sale next year.