Saturday, October 24, 2009

Room of confusion

This is the bathroom that is closest to being finished. It's also my favorite. The nite lite is from Cracker Barrell. The towel hanger is 30 years old. I found it after we started hanging new metal in the bathroom, I had forgotten we saved them, so we decided to keep the real brass ones, and mix it with the new.

Tiffany loved this modern little wreath, so up it went. I think it goes in Dr. Suess.

I finally found my Christmas towels. No I didn't make them. They were a gift.

I also found Halloween and Fall decorations, so they all went up. I was closet cleaning, and just decided I needed them out of my way. Kev says it looks like Hobby Lobby in this bathroom. I just call it the Room of Confusion.

I love this Halloween House. I painted it about 20 years ago.

I found this wonderful little case at the huge garage sale. I looks great on my old dresser.

guess whats inside!!! Aren't they great. We all took turns trying them on. On of the girls said, "They look great, of course you did wear some like these." So not funny.
Here's my wonderful sewing cabinet. I do actually sew right there every now an then. It has a wonderful little Spartan in it. These little bears are so cute, I bought them for 50 cents each. After the holidays, off they go. I think Tiff plans on taking them home.