Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting ready for Baby

I took this beauty completly apart, washed every inch of the plastic, and machine washed all the fabric.  I of course, had to let it air dry for several days.  Well, believe me, it was very challenging to put it all back together with now instructions.  Sorry for the terrible pics, but I had run out of room to put it.  I had 2 carseats, one stroller, 1 bassinet, and 1 pack and play all taken apart and cleaning at one time.  What was I thinking. You can see the tiny bows I put on it, I would have chosen huge bows.  Dani likes small and simple.   I am happy with it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gluten Free Crackers

My crackers are gluten free

1 box  Glutions GF Crackers
1Cup gluten free Pretzels
1/2 c oil
3 TB Ranch Dressing Powder
Sprinkle pepper flakes

Mix all ingredients, wait 10 minutes, stir again.
Bake 15 min at 250 degrees

Spicy Crackers - Not gluten free
4 sleeves fat free Saltines
1 cup canalo oil
3 tb Ranch Dressing Powder
3 TB Pepper flakes
use same directions as for GF.