Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's finally there!!!

It's finally to its new owner. Remember this quilt, everyone who knows me was saying, "You don't have a sister Diana." I don't, it is for a very dear friend that is under the weather. A bunch of her wonderful friends made all the blocks, and all I had to do was whip it up. we were working so hard to keep it a secret. Well, she finally got it last night. Evidently is really did stay a suprise, THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR WORKING SO HARD ON THIS.

Dani's wedding quilt. It measures 108 x 108, so I did not quilt it myself, it took me 2 hours to put the binding on completely by machine, it was just too heavy to move. My quilter did a wonderful job on it, we couldn't be happier.

All four corners are embroidered.

Do you see the bullseye heart. I have made 3 of these for my daughters. The first one was cut in 4 then resewed. But the two younger daughters liked it better uncut. All though they have been made years apart, they all use a lot of the same fabrics, pieces from special quilts, fabric from dear friends who have gone on to quilting heaven, fabrics that represented special interest of each one. I have made a fourth for my nephew. I haven't put on the rainbows on his however, so that leaves 2 to be completed and quilted. I have the bullseye pieces in my stash, as an ongoing quilt, but I was reading in a book that bullseyes are outdated, so I am considering removing it from my ongoing projects, and letting 4 be my final number.

Lots of bright colors. You, know I never made me one, however, they are doing the poesy looking ones now, I might consider doing one of those.

The quilting on the back, isn't it wonderful.
My quilter just did a straight line, I would have liked a little scroll, but my daughter likes it, and doesn't want me to change it. Her wedding was red and black.

I found this quilt on ebay, and bought it a few blocks at a time, when I went to put it together, I was one short, so I designed this block. My daughter has claimed this quilt for her Christmas present, she says this is her fabric block. Can you see my heart quilting. It's definelty the biggest quilting job I have undertaken. I did practice a lot before I did this one.

I just love the colors. I have been working mostly with scraps lately, so this was fun to do. It's my first applique quilt, I think it's horrid, but the girls love it. I am just happy it is done. It was the Heartland Quilt from JoAnne's I think.

My quilting on the back. This one didn't move very well. The backing was embossed, and it seemed to want to stick on the machine. Once I figured out what was going on, and held it up a little, it went much smoother.
Another yellow brick road, I keep finding these, I still have 2 more to quilt.

I love this red and black back, and it was half price.