Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ransom note quilt?????? GIVE AWAY This is the cutest little quilt. I was collecting the fabric to make one, when my daughter said the crazest thing.
" WOw, that looks like a ramson note. " Now that sounds like a challenge. I do have an embroidery machine, so I could put words in the blocks, buttttttttt, now comes the question, what would it say, or should it all be random. Even then, what words would I use, hmmmmmmm. I'm thinking of acually putting a message in, then putting random words around
the message.

Are you my mommy?????????

If you want to leave a suggestion on how to do it, and my daughter picks your idea, Mr. Wappy goes live with you. She always comes over Friday for supper, so rack your brains, and have you idea in by Friday nite.

Meet Mr. Wappy

We're Wappy no hands by
Aren't we cute. I think we hear a baby making his first appearance.

Hewwooo, I'm hungry.

Almost out. HUNGRY

Wheeeeeeeeeew, here I go.


Ohh, looks cold outside.

Are you my mommy???

Ymmm ymmm, I love this.

Not my mommy, but a whole basket of friends.


Mr. Lizared, are you my mommy.

are you my mommie?


A cute little mouse from
I think he would love to ride in a little boys pocket sharing cookies with him.

Whew, what an exciting day. I think I need a nap. Then we will be heading on over to I think they will make a lot of little faces smile.

Friday, January 23, 2009


This is my system for quilts that I am working on. I lable old egg boxes. Inside is the instruction sheet, I always copy the directions, rather then working off the book, as I don't want to write in my book. Then I collect scraps or fabrics until I have enough to sew at least 1/2 of the quilt. Works for me, and no, I don't worry about it being in cardboard, as I try to finish each quilt with 2 years or so. So no worry about bugs. AND I do have a few more boxes, they are just in my sewing room.

WOW, has anyone seen the cute little Snippets Quilt on Of course I don't need to start another quilt, but I think I will start collecting fabrics for it. I think I will do it in 30's fabric.

How many quilts do you have started? I wonder what is the record number. I saw on line last nite that someone had 96 completed tops all nicely folded. WOW. I wish I had written down her blogspots name. She had them so neatly stored waiting for finishing. I have more started in a box or basket. Not too many tops all finished.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

More finishes and yummy casserole

Here's a quilt I started probably 5 years ago. I finally finished it. Darling daugher is trying to get it for her collection. I had a terrible time with this quilt. I took a class to make this one, the shop cut me the wrong amount for my kit, so I was lucky enough to finally be able to buy the extra amount from a friend. Then it bunched while I was trying to quilt it. I finally found out that my quilting food had worn out. I tried to sew it with a light thread so that the stitches would sew. Of course, it showed all my mistakes. But I am very glad it is finished, and it does look nice draped on my old rocker, that is until Dani manages to sneak it home.

Here's a yellow brick road I finished. First time I used variagate thread on the back. I liked the results.

I loved these little lady bugs. I think the dotted border and binding sets it off.

I love these circles. It is a great way to use up all my scraps left over from my quilts. I bought the template set that goes with the book. It makes it so easy to cut out. The book is Crazy Curves from Elisa's Backporch.

Here's our new favorite casserole. I found it on We did change it a little to match with families tastes.
1 pound sliced sausage
1/4 chopped bacon
1 1/2 cup frozen green beans
2 cups chopped frozen potatoes
1 can golden mushroom soups.
Toni Chachere's and black pepper
Stir, cover,bake for 40 minutes at 325 degrees.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Has everyone signed up for Kimberely's mystery quilt, its at I'm not starting it today, but it is my goal to get it done soon. I know, 2 post with no pics, I do have some finishes done, I will post them soon.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 is having a give a way. pop on over and see if it is still available. Don't you love freebies.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Some finishes

This is such a cute little fabric, that I had to have it. I love 2 1/2" inch blocks and sashings, and bindings. So I always have nine patches going to use up all these pieces. Then all I have to do is pick borders and the big center patch. It doesn't belong to anyone yet. But one day it will belong to a cute little boy.

Eeek, polka dots don't photo well. This is a little train pattern.

A friend was waiting to adopt a little cutie. She was decorating the room in John Deere so I was going to use Yellow Brick Road pattern by ALKINSON DESIGNS, well when he arrived, he was a year old, and loved soccer. So we made a reversable blanket. I was lucky enough to find large soccer print. Of course, then I needed 2 different pillowslips to match each side. I can't find my ticking fabric to make the little pillow for him. Need to find that so we can get this cute little blanket to him. I love to make either pillow slips or little bags to match the blanket.

Hubby still working on my new ceiling and new air vent. He loves to work on 5 different house projects at a time, which makes such a mess, but since I have 27 quilts in the process, I GUESS I SHOULDN'T CRY.

Topakes new large cage. He loves it, is exploring it slowly. I am so glad he doesn't escape his small cage and chase the dogs around the house, and scare me like he loved to do. Here is bean sprouts that I am growing. He loves bean sprouts, and he loves my hibscus blooms. He eats them as fast as they grow. Oh, can you see the ladder, Kev took down my valance, and has a ladder set up in that den also. sigh.

Ick, did my stove top really look that bad. Yes it did. I broke it when I hit it with my granite cutting board. Kev found this Jenn Aire cook top on a wonderful clearance. He paid 25% of the asking price. YES, he is still excited. There is no gas to it yet, but it has been converted, and really looks nice sitting there. Heye, who needs to eat.