Friday, January 23, 2009


This is my system for quilts that I am working on. I lable old egg boxes. Inside is the instruction sheet, I always copy the directions, rather then working off the book, as I don't want to write in my book. Then I collect scraps or fabrics until I have enough to sew at least 1/2 of the quilt. Works for me, and no, I don't worry about it being in cardboard, as I try to finish each quilt with 2 years or so. So no worry about bugs. AND I do have a few more boxes, they are just in my sewing room.

WOW, has anyone seen the cute little Snippets Quilt on Of course I don't need to start another quilt, but I think I will start collecting fabrics for it. I think I will do it in 30's fabric.

How many quilts do you have started? I wonder what is the record number. I saw on line last nite that someone had 96 completed tops all nicely folded. WOW. I wish I had written down her blogspots name. She had them so neatly stored waiting for finishing. I have more started in a box or basket. Not too many tops all finished.

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