Sunday, February 26, 2012

Small finishes

I went to a baby shower yesterday. I made several of these tiny fleece blankets for carseat covers. It was a wonderful shower. Lots of fun food, and even a little wine. Lots of people I hadn't seen for a while.

I am finishing up some scrap sewing today. I want to get a little cleaned out of the scrap bags before I start sewing on my new projets. The flip flop quilt. Hmmmmmmmm, gluten free cresent rolls. Very yummy. I was really missing cresent rolls. So this recipe was quite nice. I put cheese and chili in them. I had to fight Kevin for them.

I made some plain, they were very good also. That's what I miss the most, is nice soft rolls.

Hope everyones weekend was nice, Kevin is working on my new air conditioning system. Kev is all excited about the lower electricity rates, I am more excited that I will be getting 2 new closets. Yahoo, the systems are going in the attic. So I get 2 full size closets. Kevin has given me a clock of 1 month. yahoo, that means I get to sew quietly so I am out of his way. I can't wait to clean up my sewing room.