Wednesday, September 9, 2009

not for the squeamish

HELP, HELP, lizards have taken over my house. Aren't they cute. The cute little barn has a little pocket in the back to hold little animals. This was a Design by Sick design. I can't remember where I bought the lizards. hmmmmmm These are going to the Smiles Project.
Gail, do you recognize the lizard fabric, it was in your wonderful box.
This is what Kev's poor little pinky looks like. This is the one the mean Doctor said didn't need care. Even on the antibotics, thorough cleaning, and being professional wrapped, he has yellow pus leaking out. Yuck, yuck, yuc. But he's not in much pain. Thank goodness he decided to have a second doctor look at it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

No sewing going on here!!!

Look at Mr. Carrot Face. We have been trying him out on baby foods in case we have a storm and I can't make him fresh food. He loves the strained carrots. Boy, hasn't he grown. Imagine finding him roaming the house, when you go to the lady's room in the middle of the night. Luckly, he can't get out of this cage, yahoo.
Poor Mr. Kevin, he cut a finger, we sat for 3 hours in the ER, the ugly dr, ripped off the bandage, didn't even inspect the finger, and deemed it ok, no stitches needed. This was after 3 RN's, and a Nurse Practioner said it needed stitches. He sent Kev home with no painkillers, no antibotics, and instructions on how to clean the scratch. Well, off to second ER, deadening of the hand, cleaning of the hand, minor surgery to remove the dead flesh, "that would never heal", according to the nice Dr., 3 deep stitches, antibotics, painkillers, and another appt to make sure it will be ok. In and out in less then an hour. Ok, the funny part, I AM EMPLOYEED AT THE FIRST HOSPITAL. IF THEY TREAT EMPLOYEES LIKE THIS, HOW DO THEY TREAT STRANGERS. sSheeze, not a good day. But so happy we went to the second hospital. wonder how our insurance company will feel about this. hmmmmmmmmm