Monday, March 16, 2009

More finishes.

These little bunnies are going to the Smiles Project. They are from Sewing for Sarah. So very easy and cute.

I tested these little soft elephants. Aren't they cute. Patti did a wonderful job on them.

I call this a hurricane quilt. When we had so much damage from a hurricane, a dear friend gave me a quilt made like this. I measured carefully, then made my own pattern, then came up with this from scraps. It is going to a dear aunt who just lost her husband.

Another yellow brick road quilt. It's already gone to a sweet little girl.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I usually go with light, soft colors, so this was a stretch for me. I do think it was cute once I was done. This blanket goes to a cute little grandson, of a friend of mine. She actually gave me a lot of her strips to make this basketweave.

Here's the basketweave from Bonnie's I liked the blue so much, so I started a green one of the same print.

I love finishes. This one was easy to quilt, but I kept getting lost and wondering around the quilt. I don't think anyone will notice.
My youngest daughters friend. Her baby shower for a cute little girl. I really didn't get many pics because I was busy holding a little newborn, which gave my daughter the chance to eat my sandwhiches. Hard to believe they grew up so fast.