Saturday, August 29, 2009

Babies ready to go

Here's the complete set. Next to the rattler is a tiny bottle. I wish I had bought enough to put 2 in each set. I did change the sets so that each one has a Christmas Print receiving blanket.

Do you see the tiny quilt. It's a 6 inch square that my good friend Peggy S. gave me to do charity sewing. I thought it was wonderful to be able to make this bunting so special. Thanks Peggy S.
Whew, I have finally finished enough baby sets to get them ready to send to the Smiles Project.
Some of the fabric for this was donated by Pat B., Sue A., Charlotte B., and Sharie P. Thanks a million ladies.
Each set has a baby, a tiny bottly, rattler, 4 little receiving blankets, 2 buntings, and a little carrying purse. My daughters told me not to match all the pieces, as I have a habit of doing, so there is plenty of colors in this set. What do you think, is there enough pieces in a set for the little girls to play with?

Wedding dresses

Can't figure out how to turn the pics. Well, our baby is engaged. This is the third time I have had the joy of Bridal Dress shopping. I always love it. I can show these, because they are definite no's. I love the sideways one. It was really heavy, covered with beads. She did not like the weight. Well, a whole day of trying on dreses, not one winner. She had it narrowed down to three, then decided, she wants to start over. Oh well, we have time. She now wants a short dress, with flowers in her hair. It will be fun to try again. This time her sis is coming.

Box from Smiles

This box arrived Thursday, filled to the brim. It was a prize from Smiles Project. It was donated by Gail. Thanks a million Gail. It is full of fun fabrics. It even has a little blanket for me to make my favorite bear blankets. It has fabric for the lizards, baby dolls, tiny doll blankets. So much to sew, so little time to sew.

doggie quilt

Remember me finishing the quilt for my daughters dog. Well, this is what's left of it.

I would say he did an excellent job of excersising his jaws.