Saturday, January 2, 2010


This was my favorite tree ever, the girls made the tag ornaments. We lost almost all our ornaments in the flood, I found a little tiny bag of their artwork while we were moving. Don't know why it was in that closet, but was happy to see it. So this was a very special tree, they put a lot of time in the new handmade ornaments. Yes, I did forget the bow on top of the tree.

The only tree I loved this much, was when I mentioned to the girls, that one year I wanted a doll tree. Well, when I got home that night, they had undecorated our tree, and put every doll they owned in the tree. Some of the dolls were big, so it was actually a little creepy. But it was so sweet.
Better late then never, here's the bow, I will make a bigger one next year, with lots of streamers.

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