Saturday, December 20, 2008


Christmas has been really fun this year. I sewed and embroideried for This is a great way to use up my quilting scraps. These are little play mats for boys.

This cute little set is for girls. This was from Sherrie's scraps.

Here's a bunch of little bags I made using scraps, ok, they were a friends, Sentra's scraps, but I was happy to use them. She was happy to get rid of them.

Here's part of my wonderful family. Tiff, the youngest, Me, my wonderful Kevin, then Dani.

This was actually taken after Kev's dad's funeral, so we all look a little stressed and pale, but it was one of the few times we were all dressed up together. We were just so happy to be able to all be there for each other.

My first quilt where I combined embroidery and quilting. I spent over 50 hours on the embroidery. The quilt itself was easy, I did look for months before I found the fabric I liked.

Well off to plan Christmas dinner. We had a large Christmas party here on the 13th. So we hadn't really thought of the Christmas dinner. We had 37 people, and lots of food.

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