Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving, DONE on to Christmas

This is our Thanksgiving Table. The gourds and white pumpkin is from our little garden. It was so nice to have them on our table. We had a wonderful time. I worked till 5:30, so everyone pitched in, and heated up the meal I have premade. It was so nice. We do use all fabric on the table, one daughter is "green". So it's the least I can do, she especially approves of my vintage dishes.

Presents are wrapped, and placed around the tree with care. Ah, so nice to be almost done. Just working on handmade gifts now. And all 3 modern machines are at the shop, making weird noises. I finally got one back this afternoon. So happy about that. I have been doing straight stitches on one of my vintage machines. So happy to have that baby.

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Sharie said...

Hi girl, Looks like you are as busy as a bee. It is nice to have one of the old machines around (mine a treadle) just in case. If you are looking for a new machine there is a lovely one at the shop. It is a Husguvarna (I am not sure about the spelling and don't want to look it up. It is at an excellent price, probably used twice.

Today, I get to start the Christmas decorating. Fun, fun.