Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiff, don't eat the baby!!!!

She's finally here. Its my Berenger baby. No, she's not reborn, but I am really happy with her. I couldn't see spending $600 on something I would walk in and find my dog chewing on. Or from the picture, tiff chewing on. She is an old one with a cloth body, but she is weighted, and she feels real when you hold her. She will be great for trying on my newborn heirloom gowns I want to make. Tiff says she did indeed feel real in her arms. Isn't her face sweet? I love her cute little creases and wrinkles. I haven't named her, because I dress her as a boy or girl, hmmmmm, what name would be good for both? Sydney, ........

Do these lips make my face look small?

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