Saturday, October 13, 2012

Homemade broth

Most of you know, our quest for eating healthy.  We try to stay away from food colorings, perservatives, and gluten.  Hubby eats a little gluten, me not a bit.  So we use broth to flavor a lot of meals, some meals I was paying $8.00 for broth, not to mention having to bring all those cans home.
Well, this is $8.00 worth of fresh veggies.  Look how easy, I chopped them into huge pieces, seasoned them with olive oil and Toni Chachere's.  Quick and easy, and I estimated it made $24.00 of broth.  That makes me happy.

Wash, and chop in large pieces
1 bunch celery
2 bell peppers, seed also
3 onions, I left the peelings on
1 pack carrots
drizzle on olive oil
drop in 3 cloves olives
season to taste
bake 2 hours at 350
cover with water, simmer 2 hours
I put in glass jars and froze.  Leave at least 1 inch space at top
We have used it in several recipes, and love it.

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