Friday, February 1, 2013

Cloth diaper

Here is a close up of the cute diapers I am making.  I started with the Babyvile Boutique pattern.  Diaper really didn't fit just right.  I used there velcro.  Not a big fan, it shredded, and we had a lot of problems getting them to stay closed.  Also, added about $1.50 to the cost of diapers.  Yikes.  I shortned the diaper, that took care of most of the leaking problem.  I also switched to Sewology velcro.  Love it, stays hooked even in washer.  Lasts, and lasts.  And best of all I got it half price, so it only adds about 20 cents to a diaper.  I also redesigned how the velcro was attached.  These look more like the G diapers everyone loves.  Mommy is much happier with these.

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