Monday, October 26, 2009

Formal dining room remodel

Well here's the beginning of our new cabinets, there is 2 full size microwaves hiding in them. I love it. Yes, after some new wiring, I can run both at the same time. I love it, as people are fixing their plates they go in the dining room to heat it up, it helps with the traffic flow in the kitchen. The cabinets still need crown molding and wood finales. You can see the curtains I am working on, I haven't decided on a topper, and I don't like the way the middle tie came out. I wanted as much of the window to show as possible, so you can see the pool, but sheeze, still don't like it.
This is a cabinet we had custom made, I love it. Kevin keeps his collection of coffee cups in it, and out of my cabinets. It helps a lot.

Still can't get to my decorations, so I bought a table cloth from WalMart for our family dinner. The girls loved the colors. Don't you love the old chairs and table. Solid wood, I bought the whole set for $100. It really should have come with 2 more chairs. Its an 8 foot table with 6 chairs, but that's ok.

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