Monday, October 12, 2009

We went to a 85 booth indoor gargae sale. It was fun, lots of cheap junk, comfortable air conditioning, and this cute little turtle footstool. I was going to make him a patchwork shell, and hammer it on with little tacks. My daughters think it would be kool to make the shells as little pillows and put them on with velcro, so the grandkids could dress Mr. Turtle. Turtle shells to follow....... like I needed a new project.

Our new bath towels, isn't the color just yummy. I love the icey greens that are out this summer.
Wow, look what I found when I was cleaning, 54 eco bags for the Smiles Project. These are made from Sewing for Sarah Designs. Love her projects. So these are packed, ready to go to the post office. Glad I found these. We are getting ready for our Christmas mailings so every bit helps. All you stash busters, the Smiles Project is a great way to use up all your unwanted fabric. hint, hing.

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