Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A block a day

Well, doing my block a day is going well. With the way I sew, chain peicing, I know I won't actually finish one block a day. I have been know to have several quilts hooked to my machine chain peicing them all at the same time. I get bored working on one quilt.

So instead of working at actually finishing I peice a day, I just strive to sew on the number of blocks a day that equal the largest number of pieces of fabric my blocks have in them. One of my blocks have 14 pieces. So that means I have to cut out 14 pieces, or iron 14 blocks, or sew I strip onto 14 blocks, etc. I am not actually cutting the blocks down until I actually make the top. So they will be stored looking like this.

It is nice to be sewing again, but sheeze, how did I start so many little things and not finish them.

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