Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Healthy Eating

Did I mention, it feels like cooking healthy food has taken over my life, its worst then the laundry creaping out of your baskets, down the hallways.  You know the feeling.   But, we have been eating well. We eat out 1 meal a week, so I am responsible for all 20 meals and snacks.  With all the restrictions, you really can't just stop somewhere and pick up junk.

This was sliced baked potatoe, topped with lean meat smothered with onions and mushrooms. No added fat.  Then a little sauted zuchnicci.  We have found Kev can have 6 ounces of meat twice a week, this is 4 ozs.  We actually think it is a nice portion.

We are doing high potassium, low fat, no gluten, no perservations or food coloring, or sweetners, high protien.  Sheeze, anything else to watch. 

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